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How our pricing works: 

Each customer and their print applications are unique. The majority of our work is custom and requires design services. The material cost varies depending on the application.


Price Based on:

  • Design/Setup

  • Materials

  • Labor

  • Installation

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What am I paying for?:

  • Design: The total cost of your job will vary depending on the amount of time it takes to set up your artwork. When ordering smaller custom items like stickers, it is advised to order in bulk (50+) so the design charges are more evenly distributed per item. 

  • Materials & Square footage: The price per square ft will depend on the material used. We provide our customers with options and advise them on which material to use for their application and fit their budget. 

  • Why do I get charged a setup fee? Most files require some small adjustments to complete an order. (Examples: Sizing, adding cut contour, color matching, etc.) Repeat orders require a minor print setup, printer/cutter adjustments, material swapping, etc.

  • Installation: Installation charges vary depending on the application.

Cutting cost:

  • Print Ready art: If a customer provides us with Vector Print Ready artwork or has a repeat order they are not charged for design time, but will be charged a set-up fee. 

Need a Quote?:

In order to calculate an accurate estimate, we will need:

  • Measurements: Total sq ft. Dimensions of your item and Quantities. Large print projects such as wraps and storefront window decals often required photos and in-person measurements. 

  • Item application: In order to choose and price the material used we need to know if it will be an indoor or outdoor application, and the type of surface it will be applied to.

  • Artwork: Vector Logos files, photos, ideas, etc help dramatically with cutting Design costs.

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